A clear sky

It is so weird how big of an impact a class can have on your life. I thought about my life before Invictus, but not in the way I do now.

I know that I used to run away for myself, for the life that I was supposed to live. Now I am in Invictus, it is almost impossible to run away for me. I have to think about myself and my life, otherwise it is impossible to write my story.

The more I think about my life, the more it falls into its place. I have realized things about relatives and friends that would never have happened if I wasn’t in Invictus.

The last couple of weeks have been rough. I am sure that the upcoming weeks will be rough too, maybe even harder.

Last week I had a break through. Suddenly everything was clear. And it made me want to fly back home and hug my mom, my dad and everybody I love.

Writing can clear your head, make you realize things. It can clear the sky until you see the true reasons behind actions, decisions, and the way people handle things. Especially in Invictus, the most hated, but also loved class I have been to in my life.