A final goodbye

After four months of being in Invictus, I thought it would be a part of me for the rest of my life. Anyhow, after travelling for three weeks and spending a couple of days with a friend, Invictus didn´t cross my mind as much as I expected it to.

Tomorrow I fly out from Chicago, away from a friend that I will never forget. The thought of that goodbye made me think about Invictus too.

In the last three weeks I didn´t have stress, deadlines or memoires I had to finish. It was quiet in my mind. But now, with this goodbye getting closer and closer, I felt stressed out again. Smoking cigarettes didn´t help, tanning didn´t help and eating chocolate didn´t help at all.

I knew I wanted to change some parts of my Invictus story, so I decided to start writing again. It felt like my mind got emptier, the more I wrote. And I think I realized then that writing is my way of relieving stress.

Being in Invictus was stressfull, but the writing made me calm.

I miss it. The classes, the writing sessions, the stressfull all-nighters. It is something I will never forget. This class has thought me so much life lessons, I have the feeling that it changed me.

This will probably be my last blog post. Going home to the Netherlands makes me feel like this is a closed chapter. The moment I step in that plane, my life will begin on a new chapter. But I felt like writing one last blog post, before this chapter will literally be ended.

Thank you Brad, Jessica, Kaleigh, Andrew, Lauren and Lacey. I love you guys. You will always be a special part of this experience.