A Funny Little Ditty From Wired

In 2002, I left Wired News. Whether I was laid off or voluntarily left is still a bit confusing to me. I was told that I wasn’t “on the list” by the higher-ups, but some folks on the facilities staff let me know that my computer access was being removed.

Regardless, I had purchased a house in Austin and planned to leave San Francisco so I told the management that they should make sure my name was on the list.

Working at Wired News was the best time of my writing life. Leaving was hard, but necessary. Still, my legacy – for a short time – lived on within the halls. I know this because soon after I left, the “Anthrax Warning” posters were altered and these pictures arrived in my email.

On the surface, it looks just like a regular poster.

Brad at Wired1

A closer inspection of the Return Address though…

Brad at Wired3

And the handy pink Post-It Note to boot, which reads “Loud Ticking Sounds From Inside. Tick Tick.”