A note from the designer

I’m sitting beside my best friend at her parents’ house in Monroe, Ohio. It’s gloriously sunny outside, and white flowers are blooming on her property’s trees. It’s finally spring, but we’re inside at the moment. She is printing out her graduation announcements, something I’ll be doing within the next few days too. In less than a month, we’ll be walking across the stage to snag our diplomas.

This is a very exciting, very bittersweet, and very stressful time. Amidst it all, the Invictus writers have been meeting and messaging constantly to wrap up our project: If I Leave Here Tomorrow. A year in the making, our collection of essays will be available for purchase in about a month, as both a hold-in-your-hands book and an electronic version. This has been one of the most exciting projects of my college career, and I feel incredibly lucky to be a member of the group’s “First Edition.” This has not been a class, nor an official campus group. We’re just a group of kids connected by an unusual teacher, who somehow saw some flickering sliver of potential in each of us.

Through working to make this project a reality, we’ve felt the joy of recognizing this potential in each other, and perhaps finally in ourselves. We are creating something that will be forever inspiring to all of us. And I have an inkling that the honesty, passion and strength I’ve read in these stories might have a similar effect on the others that find this book in their hands.

Over the next few crazy weeks of my life, I’ll be finishing up my own essay and designing every page of this beast (expected to surpass the 200 mark). Check back in to keep tabs on my sanity and the developing look of our finished work!

Thanks to everyone for your support,