A piece of shit

I realize that it is a privilege to have a writing Group. Writing together is different than writing by yourself because writers all have different views on a story.

One of my classmates said to me yesterday that she was concerned about my story. She felt like I didn´t really wanted to talk about it, and she was right. I didn´t feel like talking about my story because I couldn´t see the heart in it.

We decided to come get together later that day to write together.

So yesterday we were sitting — just three of us — and thinking about our lived years. I don’t know what happened to me, but suddenly I felt it. I finally had the connection with my story that I had been looking for in the last five weeks.

Maybe it was because I just started writing at one point and couldn´t stop with it. I kept going. I know that I am not done yet. Like Brad said in class, the things we are writing now are just pieces of shit. But it is the beginning of a piece about me, my life, and it is a story filled with moments that made me into who I am today.

So yes, probably the words I wrote yesterday will be thrown into the trash can pretty soon. But that is okay. I am fine with that. What really matters to me now, is that I am not afraid of writing anymore. I finally crossed the line and just began writing.

I couldn´t have done that by myself. The writing session did motivate me to go back to the important moments in my life and turn them into words.

I see the heart of my story.