A Process

We’re entering finals week and finishing off our first semester of Invictus 2012. I had never met Brad King until August of 2011. I had heard rumors and stories but never an official meeting. Somehow (thank you Kelly Shea) I received an email from him, as I returned to Muncie for my senior year.

Most of you have been expecting this email. Some of you likely have not. This is the first email for The Invictus Writers project 2012 edition.”

I replied to him, as one of the confused students to have received these words in my inbox. I quickly discovered that Brad would also be one of my professors for the semester and a running buddy for the early Muncie mornings when the rest of the town was asleep.

As a design student, the writing world is scary to me, as the only previous writings I have done are for class assignments or my journal full of rambles. I felt I would be merely present at the meetings, afraid to speak up with no prior experience as a writer.

My mindset from August to now has changed as I began to look forward to the Saturday morning meetings with the blueberry pancakes. I’ve enjoyed—and still am– getting to know the students that are a part of Invictus 2012.

I’ve spent time staring at blank word documents, afraid of the jumbled mess of words I would write on them as my story slowly spilled out on the pages. I’ve spent time picking the brains of the writers in our group about the writing process and how best to structure my story.  I’m learning that writing takes time and that one of the biggest challenges for me will be truly opening up myself to share my story.

I now sit in my room with a cup of coffee in hand as the sun begins to set lower into the sky.  I’m enjoying this new routine of opening Microsoft Word on my computer at the end of the day instead of the Adobe Creative Suite for design projects. Invictus 2012 has made it a semester. We now continue the process of writing our stories, draft after draft over the next few months.