Am Blogging, Am Writing

So I’ve been aware of the Invictus project since it’s beginning stages, last year while abroad I attempted to get involved but got caught up in what I was doing. Coming into this year I knew I wanted to be involved and here I am. Probably a few months too late (classic me) and I am finally in the writing stage of the game.

Stories have been mapped out, ideas have been discussed, but as well all know talking about writing is one thing, but to sit down and do it is a completely different story. I’m going to try and blog every time I get a good writing session in so that I can talk about my process out loud, about what’s happening in my mind as I work on the story I want to tell.

What excites me most about this project is the end product. A lot of kids will go through school and have fond memories, but I will be able to look back at this project and reminisce about the time I spent actually making something. That will stay with me even when the memories fade.

So anyway, this being my first post, is to let everyone (mostly Brad) know that I am indeed blogging, and I am indeed writing.