An almost all-nighter

It was on January the 28th around midnight when I was working on the assignment for this week’s class. We had to write 18 scenes for Wednesday. I already spent a couple of hours behind my computer trying to force my fingers to write the right words.

But I have had it. Searching for someone who would understand my struggle, I decided to go to Facebook and post a status in the Invictus Group (also called: The Emergency Line For The Invictus Writer’s In Trouble).

“This is killing me. I had planned to work on my scenes for the whole evening, I ended up with reading emails from four years ago.”

Within a couple of minutes two girls from the Group responded. They were also struggling with their scenes, but we all did in our own way. One of the girls invited us over to her dorm to work together on our stories. I was already in my pajama´s and I almost could hear my bed whispering for me to come lay in it. But I decided to be strong and ignore my tired body. There I went in my leopard print pants at 1 am. I was ready to really begin my experience as an Invictus Writer, I was ready for my First all-nighter.

It didn’t became an all-nighter, but it definitly got really late. It helped me a lot to just sit in a room with a friend who´s working on the same assignment, even though we were both yawning every minute.

I finished seven scenes that night, five more than I had finished in the whole week. So I guess that being under a little pressure is my key to writing. And of course being able to share frustrations with people who go through the same rocky road as you do.

I am looking forward to the upcoming classes and weeks. But I am also a bit afraid of what’s about to happen. I will see; we will see.