An Introduction

Hello! My name is Keshia Smith, and I’m a 21-year-old journalism major and creative writing minor. I’m excited to be a part of Invictus this year! But I have to admit… I was a tad bit scared at first.

The thing that makes writing non-fiction difficult to me that your stories are not fully your stories. You are adding other people you know into the story and giving your readers a perception of those people as well, which makes me a little uncomfortable.

I was originally going to write about my freshman year of college and difficulties I had with my then-roommate, who was my best friend from high school. I was going to write about change, how people change, how I learned to not use other people as crutches and stand up for myself, and how I learned to let things go that I thought was important and discovered what really is important.

As journalism major, I’ve been taught to not add your own bias into a story. But, as a human being, I am biased. My perception of the world and other people in it is a bias. It made me uncomfortable to talk about everything that happened freshman year because I would, essentially, be writing about other people… and not always in a positive way.

At the same time, it is what happened from my point of view, which is a form or truth. You cannot write nonfiction without bias. I do not think there is anything wrong with telling your own personal viewpoint of a situation in a published story, but after thinking it over I decided that this is not the right place to tell that particular story.

So then, I was stuck on what to do for a while. To be honest, I usually have writers block while I’m in school and I need to teach myself to work through it. After my stumbleupon account introduced me to a really good free creative writing workshop I decided to try some of the exercises. Now, I have come up with the idea for a completely new story.

As much as I love non-fiction, fiction is my first love and my new ideal will be somewhat of a fiction story. I say somewhat because I believe there is a little bit of fact in fiction and a little bit of fiction in fact. And the particular story I want to tell will involve me interviewing people, allowing me to combine fact with fiction in a very unique way.

So… that my story and I’m sticking to it. I can’t wait to share my story with you all.

Have a lovely day,