Bad Jobs & Bullshit Call for Submissions

For the past 16 months, The Geeky Press has grown from a one-man operation in Indianapolis into a small writing collective. We’ve been lucky enough to partner with amazing groups like the Indiana Writers Center, Indy Reads Books, Vouched Books Indy, and the Indy Literary Pub Crawl. Along the way, we’ve hosted readings, podcasts, writing events, and a writing retreat.

We’ve done all this without much of plan. Instead, we’ve just tried to create the type of literary and writing experiences that we love. We’ve trusted that others would follow. So far, so good. Now that we’ve started to establish a small foothold in our community, we thought it time to tackle our Next Big Thing: publishing a book.

The Geeky Press and Vouched Books Indy are proud to announce the launch of our book project, Bad Jobs & Bullshit, an anthology of writing about the worst work experience in your life.

How It’s Going to Work

Amber and I, along with our friend Jessica Dyer at Vouched Books Indy have been working on this idea for several months.

We’re not going through a publisher or working with a small literary press. Instead, we’re doing this in the same way that we’ve done the rest of our projects. We’re going to apply our rigorous professional skills to a large-scale amateur project. We want to make a beautiful, literary artifact and we want to do that with you.

Here’s how the process will work.

We’re soliciting narrative essays, short stories, and poems that fit into our theme. The three of us will read each of the submissions, develop a ranking system, and then determine which pieces will go in the book, which we expect to publish in Summer 2016.

Everyone who is published in the book will share equally in the royalties, whatever they may be. And we’re using a Creative Commons copyright, which means the authors retain ownership of their work.

The Geeky Press will hire the designer and copy editors to make sure we have an amazing product (and we won’t take that money from the royalties). We’ll use a variety of on-demand technologies to publish and distribute the book as a hardback, paperback, and e-book (EPUB, Kindle, and PDF).

Along the way, we’ll be as transparent as possible as we work together.

Call for Submissions

We’ll have more details about the process as we move forward. For now, we’re happy to announce our call for essays, poems, and short stories for our anthology: Bad Jobs & Bullshit. You can click on the link to get all the information from our website, which we will update as we go, or you can download the Bad Jobs & Bullshit Call for Submissions, and help us spread the word.

Questions? You can reach us here.