**UPDATE: Thank you to everyone who downloaded our book on Digital Book Day. The promotion ended at 11:59 pm on Monday, July 14. However, you can still purchase the book in various online formats ($3.99), print ($10.99), or both ($12.98 through Amazon). You can also purchase a signed copy from us by going to the front page of this site, and scrolling to the bottom. It’s a small price to pay for a kickass story!**

On Monday, July 14, more than 400 authors have decided to make their books available for free thanks to the Digital Book Day promotion pulled together by author CJ Lyons. The goal is to raise awareness for small presses and independent authors, who want to reach their audiences directly.

Dungeons & Dreamers: Free for Digital Book Day

D&DWe’re very happy to announce that Dungeons & Dreamers is one of those books. You can download it for free for the next 24 hours. (You can also buy the paperback or get a signed copy, at the bottom right of the screen.)

We’re excited to be part of this international promotion, and we hope you’ll take us up on our offer (plus a few of our friends’ books as well). If you download the book, we’d ask that you do two things:

ONE: When you’re finished reading, write a review (and rate the book) at Amazon and Goodreads. As authors, we depend upon reader reviews help others make decisions about buying our book.

TWO: If you liked the book, help us spread the word. (If you didn’t, we’d prefer you kept that to yourselves. If you’re anything like us, though, you won’t.) This doesn’t mean spam your friends. Instead, we prefer that you personally recommended the book to those who might enjoy the story.

If you’re feeling really bookish, we’d love to do Q&As, guest blog posts, or digital book groups with your community as well.

Mostly, we want you to enjoy Digital Book Day. Read On!