Escape Velocity

Escape velocity. The speed needed to “break free” of Earth’s gravity.

This story is my black hole. This story is my attempt to escape from the Earth.

“Give them space. Give them time,” Brad told me. What does this story mean to everyone? How would they tell the story?

These are the questions that are going to be the most difficult to understand and ask.

Being such an independent person your entire life places you in a challenging place in The Invictus Writers. Always having a mentality of “I can do this on my own” isn’t going to work with this project. Why? Because it’s not my story. I’m involved in the story. But I’m just one character. With one point of view. With one side of the story.

We live in a society with so much judgement. And I refuse to fall into this category with the story I am going to share with everyone. Your best and worst don’t define you. It’s everything else that happens in between.