Prompt #2: What is the one aspect of your faith/belief system that troubles you the most?

In Letter 1, I asked you to introduce yourself to me and tell me about your belief system, whether religious or not. But no matter how strong you believe in something, there are always bits and pieces that cause us doubt. In Letter 2, I’d like you to tell me about the aspect of your personal belief that gives you the most trouble. This should be specific. Don’t be general. I want to hear what you struggle with, and why that struggle is so hard for you. I believe we learn as much about people by listening to what causes them to struggle as we do by listening to what causes them to celebrate.

Please remember to send your responses as both a snail mail letter (please!) and as an email. I’ll use the email to post your response on the website and cross-post them on theFaith, Fully Facebook page. The snail mail letters will be used for a physical project that’s coming later! 

You can read every Letter 2 starting in September 19, and you can find out more about the Faith, Fully project here.

Faith, Fully letter #2

Dear Comrade Faithovites:

You’re asking me THE ONE most troublesome thing about Faith? I’ll be honest, but will take a paragraph or two.

I accept certain experiences that indicate human consciousness endures independent of the body. It endures because of the nature of its source, of which my conscious Being also carries qualities. The Source, which I’ve ventured into, maybe ankle-deep, is already, even for this dilettante, displaying these resounding, observable attributes purported by previous investigators.

By the unique nature of these experiences, quite of a different hue or tone than everyday experiences, or dreams, or waking excursions of imagination (me being a writer type), I expect a continuance of the expansion of perceptions. This unfolds onward even now, with the accelerating decline of my body’s cellular integrity and life force.

The trouble with this is that, maybe: what I don’t want to keep expanding? True, sometimes, when things fall apart I certainly want to know “where to, next?” And then I will count on being informed by this source of my knowing. But from now on, in “next” there’s no going back. And there’s no standing still anymore. I have partially extracted and detached myself from some long-held attachments. The most precarious is the expectation of some stability of this life in a body, in this world with all these other personalities in bodies who, in the backs of their minds, know the body is temporary, but still hope for maximum continuance. But the world, the universe itself in which we reside, is purported to be of an illusional nature.

For myself, this is even more precarious a notion because, I’m afraid, I have embraced an irreversible practice. For decades, I have accepted and enjoyed the presence of the sound embodiment of this apparent Source of one’s conscious being.

Sound happens to be one of the most penetrating energies that can permeate this material realm with the most subtle of vibratory attenuations, the conscious Source. This is a Mantra that also exudes the vibrations of dissolution, dissolving my identification with the temporary, which happens to include my entire previous experiences in this world, in this body, know confirmed as energy masquerading as solidity.

Talk with you later.