Faith, Fully: Margie Hutton (Prompt #2)

Prompt #2: What is the one aspect of your faith/belief system that troubles you the most?

In Letter 1, I asked you to introduce yourself to me and tell me about your belief system, whether religious or not. But no matter how strong you believe in something, there are always bits and pieces that cause us doubt. In Letter 2, I’d like you to tell me about the aspect of your personal belief that gives you the most trouble. This should be specific. Don’t be general. I want to hear what you struggle with, and why that struggle is so hard for you. I believe we learn as much about people by listening to what causes them to struggle as we do by listening to what causes them to celebrate.

Please remember to send your responses as both a snail mail letter (please!) and as an email. I’ll use the email to post your response on the website and cross-post them on the Faith, Fully Facebook page. The snail mail letters will be used for a physical project that’s coming later! 

You can read every Letter 2 starting in September 19, and you can find out more about the Faith, Fully project here.

Dear Brad,

I have been thinking about this prompt for weeks. I do not want to sound all Pollyanna on this.

I have no problem with my faith as it should be lived. It is freeing, loving, compassionate, forgiving, at least that is how it is suppose to be. We often mess it up. I believe the Bible is truth. What concerns me, is how so many of us read that truth different. We argue among ourselves on details. Do we immerse in baptism, do we play music, was the earth made in twenty four hour seven days, can women preach, does a woman have a right to abort a baby? We fuss over carpet colors and paint on the walls. We get comfortable with our small groups and don’t often see needs of others. We ignore things we shouldn’t and dig our feet in stubbornly, to things that should be let go of. We lose our focus on Christ and his teachings.

In the book of Matthew, Jesus is asked what is the greatest commandment. His answer is to love God with all your heart and soul and with all your mind. The second is to love your neighbor as yourself. He brings it down pretty simply. Imagine what the world would be if we could manage to do this. If I could just love my neighbor. I would love the homeless man as I love myself. I would love the killers of my cousin and brother, I would love the person that hurt and cheated me, I would love the person who talks on their phone at the show. It would end welfare because we would care of each other. We would come closer to living in the kind of world God wanted for His children.

No I do not have any problems with the Christian faith…Just in us Christains.