Welcome to the Faith, Fully project. If you’re new to what we’re doing, you can catch quickly by reading this introductory post. If you read, and you’re interested in participating please drop me a line and let me know. It’s never too late for you to get started.

  • If you’re wondering where you can read all the posts, go to the Faith, Fully project page.
  • And you can read every Letter 1 as soon as they begin arriving.

And if you’re already involved, here’s the first prompt. (You’ll receive the snail mail email once you have signed up to participate!)

Prompt #1: How do you describe your faith, and how do you trace its roots?

This is our introduction to each other, and to those who are reading, so it’s important for us to do some placemaking. This means introducing yourself, explaining your faith (or your lack of), and then taking a moment to explain your journey. I find the last part — the journey — the step we too often miss when trying to understand the views of others. Please remember to send your responses as both a snail mail letter (please!) and as an email. I’ll use the email to post your response on the website and cross-post them on the Faith, Fully Facebook page. The snail mail letters will be used for a physical project that’s coming later!

Please remember, you have until Thursday, September 15 to email your letter. (The snail mail letter can arrive after.)