In the right place and the right time

“What will I say?” “Is this too personal?” “Gosh, I really don’t want to break down into tears…but I’m strong, I can do this” were all thoughts running through my mind as I anxiously got ready for our first Invictus meeting early Tuesday morning.

After several sleepless nights of mental preparation, I was convinced that The Invictus Project would be good for me. The meeting’s agenda consisted of introducing ourselves as writers and sharing out story ideas for our personal essay. Now when I say personal essay, I mean spilling your guts out and writing about an impactful moment in your life, whether beautiful or tragic, for the whole world to read. And for some bizarre reason, I wanted that.

Once I met the writers at The Cup, we got our cup of joe and began by introducing ourselves and sharing each other’s story ideas. As we went around the table my mind was playing a game of Russian roulette, wondering if taking the risk of sharing my story would either emotionally heal or further ruin me.

What seemed like an ordinary writer’s meeting was much more personal than that. Laughter and tears filled the room as we shared the bittersweet and meaningful moments of our lives. It was refreshing to know that everyone in the group had a story to tell that related to my own life experiences, and for the first time, I felt understood.

It’s fascinating how everything in life works out. This past month, the dots have been constantly connecting in ways I could have never imagined before joining The Invictus Writers. I’m thrilled to be a part of a group that not only cares about writing but also wants to tell stories that remind people that they are not alone.

Now that I have fully accepted to write about that “defining moment when everything changed,” as Brad would say, I’m finally ready to break down those quiet walls and begin writing my story.

The time is right and the time is now.