Invictus, by the Numbers

Before we get too far down the road with Invictus Vol. 4, I wanted to take a quick look back at where we’ve already traveled. I wrote about this on my teaching blog in December 2013 in a series called “How We Teach Writing.” The metrics have changed a bit and it doesn’t include write-ups like the one we got from The Writer’s Digest, but you get the idea.

On The Blog

The first three volumes have generated just a touch more than 26,000 page views from visitors who have read posts from each of the three groups.

[table]Year,Book,Total Reads
2011,If Leave Here Tomorrow,6552
2012,Gently Used,4783
2013,Damaged Goods,4757

Since I added Google Analytics in Year 2, we’ve had more than 5,000 individual readers who spend 3:04 seconds per visit, and read 2.62 pages.

The Scribd Essays

We don’t just blog about the writing process. The group also publishes its work in both print and digital forms. While we rarely sell more than 50-75 books, we certainly reach far more people than that.

We house our essays at Scribd, which has a basic statistical tracking mechanism. In three years, The Invictus Writers’ essays have been read more than 18,000 times.

[table]Title,Total Reads,Reads,Embedded Reads,Readcasts
If I Leave Here Tomorrow: Ugly Little Monster,1494,1493,1,0
If I Leave Here Tomorrow: Filling Empty Spaces,1468,1447,21,2
If I Leave Here Tomorrow: Waystation,1369,1368,1,6
If I Leave Here Tomorrow: Introduction,1163,1163,0,6
If I Leave Here Tomorrow: Pathways,1042,1018,24,1
If I Leave Here Tomorrow: Blessed Be The Ties That Bind,1020,1020,0,4
Gently Used: Starving the Host,1002,1000,2,15
If I Leave Here Tomorrow: The City That Stopped The Cynic,974,973,1,5
If I Leave Here Tomorrow: Foreword,876,876,0,6
Gently Used: The Good Life,832,832,0,3
Gently Used: My Summer in the Gutter,648,648,0,4
Gently Used: Where Suns Collide,618,618,0,9
Gently Used: Rythms,498,498,0,5
Gently Used: The Wall That Jimmy Built,459,459,0,4
Damaged Goods: The Long War,253,253,0,0
Gently Used: Introduction,246,246,0,5
Gently Used: About,238,238,0,4
Damaged Goods: The Road to Surrender,157,157,0,0
Damaged Goods: It’s Like the Weather,53,53,0,0
Total, 18830,18744,86,111[/table]