Invictus Participants

Not every writer’s work makes it into the pages of our books; however, we don’t judge success solely on the published product. The Invictus Writers embrace the process of writing as well.

Kathleen BransonKathleen Branson was born in Indianapolis. She realized her passion for writing at a young age through the hundreds of persuasive essays written for her parents describing their family need of a German Shepard. Pursuing her love of writing, Branson enrolled in Ball State University in 2007 to major in magazine journalism.

Branson was a member of the Ball State track and field team until her medical retirement in the spring of 2010. She then decided to take her scholarship money and broken knee and see the world, participating in three study abroad programs in Sweden, Austria, and Ireland.  Her future plans involve seeing more of the world and eventually working for a magazine that will enable her to write about her passion; traveling.

Emily CunninghamEmily Cunningham is a senior Magazine Journalism major at Ball State. Born and raised in Muncie, Indiana, she always felt a little out of place there and found a home in expressing herself through writing. Writing allows her to connect with people in the world around her and their lives, while exploring her own interests and concerns in her own world. She is a creator of all sorts – writer, artist, stylist/designer/merchandiser​ and choreographer. These things drive and motivate her and remind her she’s right where she should be.

Twitter: @Embatsky

Christine DollenChristine Dollen is a twenty year old exchange student studying journalism. She originally lived in The Hague, a town in Holland. She wanted to come to America to learn more about other cultures, and she wanted to experience living in another country. She thinks that it is important for a human being to acknowledge that there is more in life than just your own way of living.

While she loves watching television and listening to the radio, she loves the feeling of being carried away by reading a story. When she writes, she knows that the reader has the opportunity of making the story his own. Her main interest in writing are poems and short stories. She mostly writes in Dutch, but she’s looking forward to practicing her English.

Victoria FairfieldVictoria Fairfield is a senior magazine journalism major at Ball State University. She chose Ball State for the athletics program and went through four majors before she settled in to long-form storytelling.

She grew up in California reading an obnoxious number of books and even took a stab at writing some of her own. Now, she writes for the sport section of her hometown newspaper, the Crawfordsville Journal Review and Ball Bearings, the student run magazine at Ball State.

Victoria fell in love with rock climbing her freshman year in college and now works at the Ball State climbing wall. She is also vice president of the Martial Arts club on campus and enjoys going to competitions with her teammates. She hopes to some day get paid to travel the world.

Twitter: @vjfairfield

Meg FalatMeg Falat is a sophomore magazine journalism major at Ball State University. Growing up an only child in the same city, St. John, Ind., for 15 years, she has always found herself surrounded by writing. Her love for journalism started her sophomore year of high school when she enrolled in a photography class and later became a part of the yearbook and newsmagazine staff.

After touring Ball State’s campus, the only school Meg applied to was Ball State. From day one she knew it was home, and it’s felt like that for her ever since. She plans on graduating in May 2016.

When Meg isn’t writing, she can be found enjoying a relaxing day on the golf range or being an active member of Alpha Chi Omega.

Twitter: @mfalat

Shawn FinkShawn Fink is a senior Magazine Journalism major at Ball State University, having previously studied Industrial Design at the University of Kansas.

He has been a writer and a photographer from a young age. In his spare time, he can be found restoring and riding vintage motorcycles.

Twitter: Twitterless

Justin FoxRusty Fox lives and writes fiction and screenplays in the outskirts of Indianapolis, Indiana. He attended Ball State University during his formative years where he earned Bachelor of Arts degrees in English and Classical Culture.

Recently taking over as a Co-Editor of the Handwritten zine Rusty hopes to debut its first issue in the summer of 2012.

Rusty has been an active if somewhat reluctant participant in the Invictus writers group, which will produce Volume II of its annual series in the summer of 2012.

Rusty has also written a short screenplay that was chosen along with four other scripts to be produced in Ball State’s CEI program, a simulation of the experience of a professional movie production atmosphere. The short film, Crossroads, will debut in April 2012.

Working a variety of media related jobs over the years from a crew member at IMAX theaters to a librarian’s assistant at Ball State’s Science-Health Science Library Rusty knows his way around books and movies. Rusty plans to be working as a teacher of conversational English in South Korea by August 2012. While there he also plans to finish the novel he still hasn’t finished and begin work on a feature length screenplay.

Twitter: @The_RustyFox

Kate JewettKate Jewett comes from a huge family of storytellers but is one of the first to take a stab at making a living off of it. She is a senior studying magazine journalism but she started her college career studying urban planning.

She will always call her 7 acre, 25 animal mini-farm in southwestern Ohio home, no matter what her address says. Her best friends are her mom, dad, and younger brother. Her aspirations for the future seem to change every couple of weeks, but as near as anyone can tell, she wants to stay outdoors as much as possible and keep writing for the rest of her days.

Twitter: @513_Kate

Ambria MartinAmbria Martin lived in northern California until she was three. Then her family moved to Brownsburg, Indiana to live in the same house her mother grew up in. She first started writing after she saw the movie “Harriet the Spy” and the motivation catapulted when an editor from Marie Clare came to talk to her seventh grade class.

After three years of participating in high school yearbook and one year of being the editor, Ambria enrolled at Ball State University. She immediately decided on the journalism magazine track. A year later she added the public relations track as well as a digital media minor. In her spare time she blogs about vegetarian food here: and reminisces about her time spent doing mission work in the Bronx, NY and El Salvador.

After five years at Ball State, Ambria will be working on a college campus as a Catholic Missionary with the Fellowship of Catholic University Students starting in May 2012.

Twitter: @itsAmbiii

Brooklyn SchumacherBrooklyn Schumacher is a Hoosier at the moment, a native to the Lone Star, but will always call Oklahoma home. She is a 20-year-old magazine journalism major, in her third year of college.

Brooklyn has always loved to write, but is just now beginning to write with a purpose. Her main focus for the last 17 years has been gymnastics. Six and a half hour practices six days a week, as well as national and international competitions took over her adolescent life.

Her time in the gymnastics world is coming to a close. In May of 2015, her career as a D1 gymnast will end. When that day comes, she will leave the sport behind and pursue a career as a magazine journalist. She hopes to live in a big city, and never stay in one place for too long. Eventually, she hopes her career will take her abroad.

Twitter: @BrooklynDodger_

Kaleigh SheehanKaleigh M. Sheahan was published long before she was ever aware of her knack for writing. Starting in second grade with a poem printed in a book of children’s anthology Kaleigh fueled her passion for writing by enter various competitions throughout her elementary years and into her secondary education. It was in her sophomore year of high school, in a yearbook class where she first realized that she could make her writing far more than just a hobby.

Her college career began at Marquette University in Milwaukee, Wisconsin where she worked on the student-run magazine, the Marquette Journal starting her freshman year. Transferring to Ball State University as a junior, Kaleigh used her previous work experience from the Marquette Journal as well as InVironments Magazine from her hometown in DeKalb, Ill. to become an Assistant Editor at Ball Bearings magazine.

Kaleigh is currently pursuing her passions in multimedia, expanding her knowledge of web, design and photography while maintaining focused on her writing. After obtaining her Bachelor of the Arts degree in Magazine Journalism in May of 2014, Kaleigh hopes to find herself working for a women’s fitness magazine or continuing her education.

Keisha SmithWhen Keshia Smith was a small child growing up in Indianapolis, IN, she often found herself writing “books” for fun and trying to get people to read them.

Today, she’s studying journalism and creative writing at Ball State University to learn how to improve the craft she fell in love with so many years ago.

When she’s not writing, she’s reading, hanging out with friends or family, attempting to cook various foods, or trying to make the world a brighter place.

Twitter: @Krsmith12