Invictus Vol. 2 (2012)

This project started as an experiment in 2011, and it’s grown into a yearly journey that a handful of students at Ball State University take with their professor as they each explore what it means to be a writer.


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Where Sun’s Collide, by David C. Ake

In this essay, Invictus Writer veteran David C. Ake traces heads to the Boundary Waters, a rugged outdoor test that is something more than just an adventure.

Download David C. Ake’s essay here.

Starving the Host, by Katelin Carter

Eating disorders are more than just issues with body image or food. They are harbingers of something much deeper. Invictus Writer Katelin Carter delves into her past to understand the addition and disorder that nearly killed her.

Download Katelin Carter’s essay here.

Rhythms, by Tyrone Malik Cato

Invictus Writer Tyrone Malik Cato’s journey to Africa helped him begin to understand who he was. More importantly, it started him on the journey to accepting that person.

Download Tyrone Malik Cato’s essay here.

The Good Life, by Matthew Holden

Invictus Writer Matthew Holden spent his whole life trying to escape his hometown, only to find out that geography wasn’t his problem.

On the journey to explore the world, Holden found home in an unexpected place.

Download Matthew Holden’s essay here.

My Summer in the Gutter, by Jordan Martich

Invictus Writer Jordan Martich takes a journey that bounces between music and college. Most people never hit rock bottom. Others hit rock bottom and never get back up.

For those who bounce between both worlds, life can be hard for everyone around.

Download Jordan Martich’s essay here

Cracked wallThe Wall that Jimmy Built, by Jennifer Perov 

Invictus writer Jennifer Perov tells the story of suicide, and the life that must be lived after. For those left behind, the hardest thing to do is learn how to become human again.

Download Jennifer Perov’s essay here.