Invictus Vol. 3 (2013)

The Invictus Writers is a project that is not easy to describe because each year it’s different. The project takes on the spirit of the writers.

The third incarnation of The Invictus Writers took on a different flavor than its two predecessors. Instead of working independently, we ran the group as a class at Ball State University. What didn’t change, though, was the project’s relationship to its writers.

They were a little bit messed up, and a tiny bit broken. These are their stories.

The Long War, by Andrew Neylon

In this essay, Invictus Writer Andrew Neylon takes the reader on a journey as Neylon comes face-to-face with the realization that the father he’d grown to loathe was not always the man he’d known. Along the way, he’s confronts his own ideas about what it means to be a father, a man, and a son.

Download Andrew Neylon’s essay here.

It’s Like the Weather, by Lacey Lord

In this essay, Invictus Writer Lacey Lord explores the depth of bonds between mother and daughter by taking us on an intimate walk through her decision to leave her small town in search of something she didn’t know existed.

Download Lacey Lord’s essay here.

The Road to Surrender, by Lauren Hardy

In this essay, Invictus Writer Lauren Hardy explores the complex and complicated relationship she has with her father. Along the way, she comes to realize that sometimes we’re more like our parents than we know.

Download Lauren Hardy’s essay here.