New Geeky Press Partner: Elise Lockwood

screen-shot-2016-09-20-at-9-42-28-pmHello, my name is Elise, and I have a pet pig.

There, that’s all you wanted to know, right? And, really, that tells you exactly what kind of person I am. Also, the pig has an Instagram account. He has twice as many followers than me.

I started writing because I love reading. I’m constantly looking for new books, so please (this is sincere), recommend your favorites to me. I have a soft spot for young adult fiction, mostly because I can binge read an entire trilogy while I’m procrastinating working on my master’s thesis. Give me anything with girls swinging swords and discovering self-empowerment. That’s my jam. I want anything that shows me a well-imagined world I haven’t stepped into before. Right now, my goal is to finish all of Terry Pratchett’s books before I finish grad school. I’m on #29, I have 15 more to go, and about a semester and a half of grad school. We’ll see.

What I write has a distinct lack of girls with swords. I’ve dabbled in a lot of other genres, but my brain tends to default to playwriting. I grew up as a theatre kid watching musicals at community theatres around Indy, and I think that it really shaped how I pictured a story in my head. Envisioning a stage is easy and writing dialogue is fast. Details are for the director to figure out.

I am definitely who I am today, as a writer and a human, because I spent ages 14-21 continuously in creative writing workshops. I was lucky enough to be immersed in that environment as a freshman in high school, and then just stayed there until I graduated college. You really get over your fear of critique that way, I highly recommend it.

After graduating, I kept searching for that feeling of camaraderie, shared struggle, and support that I loved in workshops, but I couldn’t really find it. I wanted a community of people who loved writing and wanted to push themselves to the limit of what they could do. I think I’ve found it now. Or at least, I’m getting closer. And now, I get to be a part of building it.

So, Indianapolis, get ready. This girl is bringing drama to the writers. (See, like, in a theatre way, not, like… you get it.)

You can reach out to me as @eliselockwood1 on Instagram and Recommend some reading! Or cute pig videos.