Nolie Spring 2016 - thumbnailHey there, lovely reader. I’m Nicole, a writer and self-proclaimed melomaniac (which is just a fancy way of saying I’m a huge lover of music). I’m from a [very] small town in Northwestern Indiana and have called the Indianapolis area my home for more than a decade.

I’m definitely a writing geek. A word nerd, if you will. I have written since my pre-teen years; then, my journals were filled to the brim with the stories of my adolescence; they superficially detailed my flavor(s) of the week and the latest drama with my friends, but had poetry, songs, and prose sprinkled throughout. Fast-forward a handful of years (quite a few, actually) and here I am, still writing. Today though, my journals contain notes on my writing process (or the struggles I face while writing), poetry, lines, random thoughts, and ideas for my novel. Oh, and notes for my memoir.

While a student at IUPUI, I became a writing tutor/peer consultant at the University Writing Center and really found my calling – I love helping others with their writing, whether it be providing peer review/feedback or offering my editing skills. Now, I am paid to do it in my spare time as a freelancer (which is awesome). I was also an editor of the literary magazine, genesis, and forged many great relationships with other student writers and faculty members. Alas, all good things must end; when graduation came and went, I reluctantly bid adieu to a community that was a big part of my life for nearly five years.

In 2015, I became a friend of The Geeky Press. I finally stumbled upon the community I have been craving since finishing my degree! Making time to write is so important, especially if you have a full-time gig as I do. Not only have I been successfully and consistently able to carve out time for my own writing because of our Hacks, I have made some great connections with local writers and fellow geeks. I really look forward to dreaming up more ways to collaborate and connect with you – please stay tuned, for shenanigans are sure to arise!

Please don’t hesitate to reach out – I love connecting with local writers! You can find me on Twitter (@NicoleMathew) or send me an email – You can also check out my blog and read more about me here. Hope to hear from you soon!