“No Comfort” Zone

Anytime I’ve written, it’s been in solitude. It was in the same category as “using the restroom”: things that are only proper to do alone.

Ambria Martin is another student taking part in the Invictus project this time around. I’ve heard her make multiple open offers to everyone else to meet up and “write together”. Those two words being put together make me physically uncomfortable.

I’ve been told that writing (even about other people) requires looking into oneself in an open and plain manner. Since that would entail both potentially embarrassing myself and putting the burden of knowledge onto others, I did my best to lock myself away before sitting down at a keyboard.

Brad says we need to get out of our comfort zones. It’s easy for someone to know they should do this, intellectually (bouncing ideas off of one another helps catch mistakes, etc.). Actually handing people lanterns, then leading them through your the caverns of your mind will be an entirely different story, however.

I might take Ms. Martin up on her offer one of these days. I don’t know for sure just yet.