One Year Later, Here We Are

We have a book! It’s published! I’ve helped to write a book! These statements of joy and relief flashed through my head as I looked at the email sent to us in the early hours of the morning. It was finally finished, the task we set out as writers nearly a year ago. Our stories, our tipping points in 157 pages now for the world to read through the magic of the printed word.

I never thought about this moment. I never thought that there would be a point that my late nights, struggling over my words would eventually amount to. When I write I never think about the end result, I never focus too much on the future. Writing for me, is a step by step process, its a journey that begins and ends, but never skips around.

Looking back, it’s a great sense of accomplishment to see a final product. I got a preview of this a few months ago when each of our stories was available to read online individually. Now that our stories are contained in a beautifully designed book, one that I can physically hold in my hand and turn the pages to is an intoxicating feeling. Our writing, our years and months of effort and hard work are just a click and $10 away.

People are beginning to take notice of our efforts. I’ve already had several people request copies of the book and two of them have even asked for me to sign them. Me, a struggling post college student searching for a paying job is being asked for a signature. I wish I could tell them that I did nothing worthy of a signature, just share a life experience that meant a lot to me, but I do not. Admittedly, I enjoy the attention to a small extent. Not for the fame or recognition but for the simple fact that our writing has connected with another reader. It feels nice to know that when writing is so often taken for granted, when people often read words without extracting any meaning or context from them, that the words we have written made an impact. The words we wrote made meant more to someone than ourselves.

The other writers have been getting similar praise, and some of them such as Kelly Shea have been receiving praise not only for for excellently written piece, but for her incredibly well designed book as well.

Brad once told us that creating, rather than simply working will take us the furthest in life.

“If someone walked in with a resume of places he worked at, that would be fine I suppose. It proves to me that he can follow instructions, he can do what is told of him.”

“However if someone came in with something they created, from scratch and were able to maintain their creation over a period of time, that’s the person I want to hire. Even if their creation isn’t professionally made, they came up with the idea and made it happen. They went outside their comfort zone to make something new and exciting. You’re going to get something great out of them.”

We, the Invictus Writers have created a something that through months of struggle that we can say we are proud of. We created a collection of stories that came from our darkest moments, the moments that helped to shape us into the people we are today. It was these events that made us a little more cynical, a little more aware and above all, a lot wiser to the way of the world.

Now we share them with you. We invite you to read about the major moments in our lives. The moments that made us who we are today, the moments that helped to shape us and our attitudes towards life and the long winding road we take through it.