Publishing Tales: Stories about Literature from across the Web (April 17 – 23)

Each week, we collect stories about self-publishing and authorship in the digital age. These are some of our favorites. If we’ve missed a good one, leave it in the comments. Or send us a note.

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Writing Things


  • 15 Essential Time-saving Tools for Busy Writers: Fifteen tools to save writers time and make them more productive are Scrivener, Cloud Storage, Google Apps for Work, Grammarly, Compfight, Death to the Stock Photo, Evernote, Rev, Google Adwords Keywords Planner, A Social Media Automation Tool, Pickfu, WordPress,, Medium and MailChimp/AWeber.
  • Median earnings of professional authors fall below the minimum wage: Outside of the top five percent of writers, many professional authors can’t make a living off of this craft.
  • Authors’ income ‘at breaking point’: The Authors’ Licensing and Collecting Society said that 43 percent of all professional writer income is earned by the top 5 percent of authors. While creative outlets are doing well, professional writers have seen earnings reduce 29 percent from 2005 to 2013.

Digital Things



  • E-books overtake paper in China: The Chinese Academy of Press and Publication found through a survey that reading across the board increased for Chinese adults, but digital reading is increasing quicker.
  • Ten Great Ebook Production Tools: Author suggests, and gives a quick guide to, tools that help ebook development through through the processes of zipping/unzipping, validation, text editors, and ebook editors.