Publishing Tales: Stories about Literature from across the Web (April 3-9)

Each week, we collect stories about self-publishing and authorship in the digital age. These are some of our favorites. If we’ve missed a good one, leave it in the comments. Or send us a note.

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Indie Authors

Bookstores + Libraries


  • French Publishers Launch #ThatIsNotABook Campaign: France’s Syndicat National de l’Edition made a website in order to show EU commissioners what is a book, and what isn’t a book. The end goal is a change in EU tax law so that taxes for print and e-books are the same.
  • What’s the Matter with Ebooks?: Ebook adoption has plateaued in the book market, but this data doesn’t take into account indie and self-published books. Ebooks will become predominant, and the statistics at hand obscure where exactly they truly are in the market.
  • E-books Gained, Online Retailers Slipped in 2014: Nielson Books & Consumers conducted a survey that shows book sales in 2014 dropped for online retailers and bookstore chains in comparison to 2013. It also found that new book sales shares for e-books increased some in 2014.