Publishing Tales: Stories about Literature from across the Web (Feb 12-18)

Each week, we collect stories about self-publishing and authorship in the digital age. These are some of our favorites. If we’ve missed a good one, leave it in the comments. Or send us a note.

On Writing

  • Writing Truth in Reverse: Brunonia Barry writes a first-person account of her difficulties in writing about a specific, true memory that was part of a very sad event of her life.
  • Butt in Chair: A Cautionary Tale: The author is dealing with how all of the writing deadlines she’s dealt with over the years have caused her bodily harm, so she’s taking time away from writing in order to focus on getting better physically.
  • On Writing About Suicide and Not Finding Catharsis: The author writes about his reasons for writing about his brother’s suicide, and it wasn’t cathartic. He talks about making the story readable instead of endlessly angst-ridden.
  • 5 Ways to Make Your Blogging Easier: Author talks about how wasting time was a big mistake of hers while blogging, and then she talks about five ways to make the experience easier: batching, scheduling, finding efficiency, automate, and planning.
  • Writing Your Way to Happiness: Studies have shown that writing and rewriting personal stories can make the authors change certain behaviors and increase their happiness.

The Impact of Technologies

Notes from Self-Publishing

Digital Storytelling