Publishing Tales: Stories about Literature from across the Web (Feb 26 – Mar 5)

Each week, we collect stories about self-publishing and authorship in the digital age. These are some of our favorites. If we’ve missed a good one, leave it in the comments. Or send us a note.

Normally these links are accompanied by short summaries, but this week it’s Spring Break, which means my trusted minions are off enjoying the real world and not writing briefs. Instead, I’ve written general round-ups.


The inevitable market realities of a new format are settling across the book industry. After big adoption rates, ebooks have now become part of the supply chain. That means fewer big spikes in revenues, which can lead to concern over the format’s future.

Books on the Web

We’re not just interested in where you can read books, but what you can do with those books when you start thinking about them as digital products.

On Writing

Writing is a very personal process, about which everybody has an opinion. One of the most vitriolic discussions amongst writers is the question of MFA or not to MFA?


If you’ve gone at this alone, you know that writing is just the first step.

Print, Books, and Reading

Culturally, we’re intrigued by the ways in which literature and writing are integrated into daily life.

New Media in Magazines

This isn’t exactly book writing, but it’s still in the neighborhood of long form.

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