Publishing Tales: Stories about Literature from across the Web (Jan 26-30)

Each week, we collect stories about self-publishing, writing collectives, literary magazines, and small presses. These are some of our favorites. If we’ve missed something, make sure to tell us.

Reminder: In Publishing, There is no Debate: It’s time to lose the “us versus them” mentality regarding Amazon and traditional publishers. For authors, publish is the thing.

Small publisher struggles to keep up with bestseller: Big success has led to an unexpected problem at a small publisher: How do you keep up with all the book sales?

Spotify for books: Authors and publishers may constrain the rise of e-book subscriptions

The Strategic Use of Book Giveaways and How They Can Increase Earnings Potential: Marketing is job one for a small presses and self-published authors (after the writing…AFTER THE WRITING).

Author Earnings Report Reveals that 30% of eBooks Sold on Amazon Don’t Have ISBNs: Once your book is finished, you have to determine how official you want your book to be. Not getting an ISBN may not impact your sales, though.

Game Changing Technology For Self Publishing Children’s Picture Books With Laura Backes: A podcast that discusses publishing children’s books through Amazon.

Self-Publishing 101: What Writers Need to Know to Succeed at Self-Publishing – Free Webinar: A free one-hour webinar by The Writer’s Digest that explores what you need to know if you’re going to self-publish.

New publishing trends reshaping reading:Jason Hiner and Lyndsey Gilpin crowdfunded a project that included them releasing individual chapters of their book serially, and then take the readers’ comments on these chapters and let them “inform the final print/e-book/audiobook product.” Smashwords is a business that take anyone’s manuscript and makes it a digital book that can be widely distributed. Kickstarter reported that 2,000 out of 7,050 book-publishing campaigns met their goal.