Reality Forgotten: A D&D Fan Film

I’ve grown quite fond of fan films throughout the years, particularly clever shorts.

“Reality Forgotten” is one that is more clever than film, and anyone who has ever played D&D will recognize this particular scenario.

Author Jack Vance Passed Away

Author Jack Vance, who had a profound impact on Dungeons & Dragons, passed away. Here is a brief discussion of how his writing influenced the creation of D&D.

You can visit Vance’s website for more information about him, his work, and his life.

More Thoughts on the Console:

Earlier this week, I posted some thoughts related to the current discussion regarding the future of the console. I’ve been around technology enough to know that nothing every really goes away, but it certainly changes.

As tablets get more powerful, I suspect the on-the-couch experience will peel away some of the console game play.

Today I saw this: ‘Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic’ Coming to the iPad, via High Def Digest