Scripted: Only You… and You… and You by Lou Harry

On Sunday, March 12th, for our fifth edition of Scripted, we will perform Only You… and You… and You by Lou Harry. You can RSVP here.

Lou is an advocate for the arts in Indianapolis. He is a ridiculously accomplished writer – over 25 books, hundreds of magazine and newspaper articles… a Creative Renewal grant from the Arts Council of Indianapolis, plays produced at IndyFringe, TOTS, Phoenix Theatre. And he is a writer who values actors. Lou co-created the improv show “Going… Going… Gone,” which has been going strong for years and involves auctioning real items for fake money. The March edition of the show is coming up on the 5th, I highly recommend checking it out.

Lou also co-created Indy Actors’ Playground, where actors choose plays to read, bringing the theatre community together at Indy Reads Books to experience works they may not know or that might be special favorites. Indy Actors’ Playground recently celebrated its 50th reading.

This will be the first public reading for Only You… and You… and You. It’s a comedy with a dark edge, centered around four characters who are exploring what it means to be in a multi-partner relationship.

Gilbert is a math professor and he has a theory. It involves getting together the perfect combination of 21 people for the North American Mathematical Association. But without the name badges and centerpieces.

Abby’s husband has died, but she hasn’t told anyone. He left behind loose ends that she’s not ready to confront yet.

Bill has had a string of unsuccessful marriages, and starts going to a Meetup group that expounds honesty above all else.

Yellow doesn’t remember why she chose that nickname, but she is probably in love with multiple people at once. Maybe.

Only You… and You… and You by Lou Harry introduces the audience to these four people, then weaves their lives together. This play examines the grey areas between love and sex, what it means to be satisfied or in love and what kind of people we can find that with. Darkly funny and sometimes sweet, it is honest, but never biting.

The characters switch back and forth between narrating their inner thoughts and lives and interacting in the scenes, which creates an incredibly intimate relationship between the people onstage and the people watching them in the audience. This kind of access to the internal lives of the characters only seems fair since Only You… and You… and You largely concentrates on their sex lives. But even defining it that way simplifies the story. It’s about sex, yes, but it’s also about what it means to connect with another person on any level.

By giving the audience an unfiltered perspective into the character’s minds, we get to see misunderstandings and complications form before they actually happen. It is easy to connect to the characters, and to view them as fully realized people. Only You… and You… and You is a play filled with compassion, but a self-aware kind that never crosses the line into saccharine.