The #500words challenge was designed to get me to sit my ass in the chair. My goal: write 500 words a day, each day, through the end of April.

While I’m working on a piece called The Summer of Run, which is a memoir of sorts that I’ll be publishing later this year, I won’t post excerpts on my public blog. Instead, I’ll tweet out my word count and a choice phrase (that may not even make it into the final book).

Along the way, I’ve invited all of you to participate in the challenge, and I hope you’ll use the hashtag #500words wherever you post about the writing. Periodically, I’ll gather the tweets, Facebook posts, instagram pictures, Google+ posts, and blog links in this Storify.

And if you happen to miss a day or two: don’t worry. We’re all adults here. Just sit back down at your computer, and write.