When I launched The Geeky Press, the idea was to create a collective of writers who come together when they want to write, edit, perform, and commune. It’s a loose framework to give writers an incentive to get out of their homes, meet with other writers, develop an audience in live environments, and celebrate the word beyond its life on the page.

What that meant in practical terms, I had no idea. I’m slowly building the Google+ community and working on the blog, but those elements aren’t the complete story. I wanted to create a physical space as well.

This week I’m getting a little bit closer to understanding how this might play out.

  • On Wednesday, I’m meeting with a handful of community partners about The Downtown Writers Jam and hope to have a prospective date picked out soon. After that, it’s time to start recruiting and audience building.
  • And earlier today I booked my first co-working day at The Hinge with a handful of young writers on Friday, May 23. Dubbed The Downtown Writers Hack, I’m turning this into a small, monthly event where a handful of writers get together in a co-working space to write, share, and commiserate.

I use the term professionalized amateur when I talk about what I’m doing with The Geeky Press. While I’m not wholly interested in the world of professional publishers, I’m tied greatly to the processes of professional writing, such as editing and design.

More importantly, I’m tied to the idea of creating a vibrant place for writers in Indianapolis (and beyond, but we’ll start here). If you’re interested in participating in The Downtown Writers Jam or Hack, let me know.