This is a more laid back version of its parent, The Downtown Writers Jam. Unlike the Jam where authors from various genres are asked to perform a 10-minute version of their work, Storytellers was conceived as a more intimate performance.

The rules of the road

Each author begins their performance by sharing the personal (and true) story that inspired the work they are about to read. There’s no bullshit (unless that is an intimate part of the story), and there’s no backing away. The guilty will be named (within reason). After the totally true tale, the author will then read the piece inspired by real life.

Most shows will include 1-2 opening readers, and a featured author. There will be a short intermission between the opening and featured acts.

Our home

Since we’re asking our writers to share the intimate stories behind their work, we’ve partnered with our friends at New Day Craft Mead & Cider (map), a local meadery with a lovely tasting room in the back that fits about 50 people (mostly comfortably).