The Funny Thing About Stories …

We like to think that all stories have a happy ending. Or, at least some sort of ending, that is.

What I’m learning through this writing experience, however, is that stories don’t really end.

There are convenient moments in our lives that can be used as a peg for wrapping something up, but after the story is out there, our lives continue forward.

Think about your favorite feel-good movie. For me, it’s a tie between Runaway Bride and Sweet Home Alabama. At the end of Sweet Home Alabama, Melanie and Jake are married (go figure) and the credits roll in the middle of their wedding reception.

It’s a happy ending, certainly. But it’s not the end.

Movies, novels, magazine articles, blog posts, are wonderful masterpieces — but they only offer a snapshot of the whole picture. They can inspire, entertain and even help us learn more about ourselves by presenting a new perspective, but they are not absolute.

Stories are ever changing. Our job as writers is to try and impose meaning on them along the way the best we can.