I’m going to Tarantino this, and start in the middle.

After thirteen wonderful months building The Geeky Press, I’m now looking for another weirdly obsessed literary partner to join me in the endeavor and help me build this project. Throughout much of my life, I’ve worked with partners. That’s when I’m happiest and that’s when I’m doing my best work.

The Geeky Press has been an exception. I’ve enjoyed crafting this project, but I miss the collaboration.

“Collaborating on…” you might rightfully ask. I don’t exactly know. I can tell you what I’ve been doing:

  • We book + host writing events around town. I’d like to increase their frequency and locations. Right now, we’re at Indy Reads Books and New Day Craft.
  • We run a podcast series, and I’d like to make it more consistent.
  • We are building a writing group (50 strong and growing), and we need to schedule and host those Writing Hacks.
  • We are about to get into the self-publishing world, producing books of essays.
  • We work with the Indiana Writers Center, and we teach classes.
  • We travel to weird literary event when we can afford it, and when we have time.

That’s just what I’ve been tinkering around doing. I’m hoping to find a partner-in-crime to help me change, shape, mold, and grow this thing into…something. What? I’m not quite sure. That’s the joy of finding a playmate.

So the (unpaid) job would be: helping do all that cool shit, and figuring out what other cool shit we should be doing. I’d prefer somebody who is involved in the literary scene in Indianapolis, but really I’m looking for someone who I jibe with and who has a passion for making literary things.

Sound like you? Send me an email, or get in touch in the myriad ways I’m available.

A Brief History of the Press

I launched The Geeky Press on April 3, 2014, a present to myself for my forty-second birthday. For years, I’d run writing groups, attended readings, traveled to literary events, and generally skimmed across the top of the literary waters wherever I lived. I’d always wanted to do more, but I never did.

In the days leading up to my birthday, I decided to launch this project and embed myself within the literary world in Indianapolis. I spent a month building this website, corralling the digital presences for each of the writing projects with which I’m engaged, and planning a weird event called The Downtown Writers Jam, which I launched with this post despite having no venue and no writers.

Thirteen months later, I have two reading series and a third on the way, a huge group of local writers who want to have writing meetups, a consolidated calendar of local literary events, a podcast series, and two book projects (here and here). In my spare time, I read and write book reviews and teach at Ball State University and the Indiana Writers Center.

In other words: this labor of love has become everything I’d hoped it would be thanks to some great partners around Indianapolis, a wonderful graduate assistant who has pulled information and created databases and spreadsheets, and a patient wife who lets me do weirdly crazy things.