The Invictus Writers: A Tale of This Journey

I’ve written the story of this merry band of pranksters on my personal site, but it seemed worth posting here as well. You can read The Invictus Writers: A Tale About My Students at my teaching site.

Ten months ago, I gathered a group of ten students and former students and issued e a challenge: Write a book.

This wouldn’t be for class credit. They wouldn’t get paid. There would be no external rewards that came with this. They could refuse or walk away without any repercussions. In exchange, I promised them I would teach them how writer’s groups worked and make them blueberry pancakes at my house the one or two Saturdays we’d meet each month. I wouldn’t, I promised them, run the group.

This would be their experience. I would only direct them when it appeared they were going off the rails. The Invictus Writers, as I dubbed them, would set out to answer this question, individually: Am I a writer?