The Invictus Writers, Vol. 2…Coming Soon

We launched The Invictus Writers, Vol. 2 on August 30, 2012, and within the next few weeks we’ll go to press with Gently Used, the second edition of essays produced by Ball State University students.

It’s been a long, slow journey for us, one that took on quite a different feel than Vol. 1. Our group never quite came together in the same way, and this year’s group took longer to get going. The biggest reason: This year’s group was twice as large as the first group. The more people you pile into a room, the harder it is for that group to form bonds.

This is particularly true when you recruit from vastly different subject areas, which I try very hard to do. This was the equation I’d use to describe our merry band of prankers: Strangers + writing + public critique and discussion = a slowly built community.

Still, six writers survived the nearly 13 month gauntlet (thanks to some help from Rhett Umphress, my former graduate assistant and copy editor), and will soon see the fruits of their labor.

Throughout the next month, we’ll publish the book (you have to pay for that), release each of the essays (you can read these for free), and wrap up this year’s blog.


Before long it will be time to announce The Invictus Writers, Vol. 3, a group that will produce a radically different type of publication this year.

We’ve already met several times, and the writers are beginning to work on their stories. It’s an exciting time for the project. But more about that in a few weeks.

For now, we’re focusing on crossing our Ts and dotting our Is in preparation for the launch of Gently Used.