The logic of writing

´´I wanna write a book someday.´´

That is one sentence that crossed my mind more than once in my life. It is a sentence that we have spoken about a lot in the classroom.

I remember that a year ago I started with writing my book. The first page was, yeah, kinda easy, but after that I was stuck. Cause what would be the logic result of what happened on the first page? And who were the characters exactly that I mentioned?

Seriously, I cannot tell you. The page that I have written is still documented on my computer, but I have never added a word on it after that day, a year ago.

Today, I was cleaning the files on my computer, and I bumped into that one page. The only thing that I could do after reading it, was laughing. I didn’t laugh because the story was so funny. I didn’t laugh because of the good memories I have about it. I laughed at myself. What was I thinking?

After three months in the Invictus class it has become so clear to me that there is more about writing than just typing some specific letters on Word. There is a whole World behind writing that most people don’t know about. You can’t just start writing a bestseller whenever you feel like it.

I never really understood or knew that until Invictus. The experience of writing a real story was the thing that was missing in my life.

So, whenever I hear somebody say ‘’I wanna write a book someday’’, I am just gonna laugh. I will wish that person good luck, while thinking to myself –You will find out. Cause that’s also what writing is about, right? Finding out life, connecting with life. Well, it is for me, especially in Invictus.