The Moral of Our Story.

As I often find myself doing after a night deeply involved with my work on the Invictus project, I sit here at 5:00 in the morning and question why I signed myself up for this. Tonight that question has been faced with an answer that’s different from my usual uncertainty. I’m doing this because I have something to say; not to just my classmates or my professors but to everyone, everywhere.

Over the short period of time we have had working on our stories I have come to share parts of myself with complete strangers that I haven’t shared with people I’ve considered my closest friends. Through the inspiration and stories my peers have shared during this project I have found the courage to be honest with my classmates in ways that I had not ever been honest with myself. I’m not sure where the strength we’ve had to open our lives to one another has come from, but in sharing our individual stories – each one unique from the others – we have shared ourselves to discovering the commonalities of the human experience.

At the beginning of this journey I questioned why on earth I was pouring my heart and soul out to these people I didn’t even know. But I have come to find the answer to that question. Sharing what it has meant for each of us to hurt, to struggle, to succeed and to push forward has taught me that if you open yourself up to people, they will open themselves up to you. So as the question still lingers why I would ever agree to share my story with the world, the answer –while still not entirely clear– is coming along not far behind.

What is the difference between the six strangers of my class and the rest of the world?

Not a whole lot.

Actually, other than the false sense of security of assuming each one of my classmates would subject themselves to this journey as fully as the other.. there are no distinctions I can figure.  At the beginning of this class, there was no more of a reason to tell these six individuals all I have than there would  be to tell anyone else in this world. And if it has come so easily to give myself up to my classmates and this experience, and if we have survived life’s trials until this point, there’s no reason to not find the nerve to share my experience with the world (or at least the little piece of it that will come in contact with my story).

But the Invictus Writers are not the only ones with a story to tell. I hope those of you who follow the blog and read the stories we share realize not only that you have your own, powerful stories to tell but that each and every person around you does as well. We keep things to ourselves and create our own little versions of the world we live in, forget that we’re not alone and that every person can make an impact on your life.

So I guess what I’m learning is to share, as elementary as it sounds. But more important than learning how to share is learning why to share. I hope any and all partaking on this journey with us can share the amazing lessons we’re learning about life and the human experience as we grow as writers and as individuals every day.