The Parable of the Artist

Imagine the most intricately complex ceramic vase ever created. Imagine that vase falling to the floor in a million tiny little insignificant pieces.

The artist that painstakingly devoted their entire time to this masterpiece grieves over the loss of their life’s work. Then the artist picks up the fragments, and little by little, day by day, puts all of the pieces together. It starts small at first, a piece of the handle here, the edge of the base there.

Finally after many fruitless evenings and misfitting pieces, the artist unveils the new, recreated vase. It’s only a caricature of what it originally was, but it is still the product of the artist’s heart and soul.

One critic, upon seeing the new vase, calls it a triumph of the ingenuity and honesty of the art world.

Another critic, who glanced at the work in passing, thinks it’s just a fucking vase.




This is the maddening art of putting the truth of your life into words.