Thoughts on writing

As journalism major, I am always writing stories about other people. I sit there with my pin and my tape recorder, I interview them, trying to figure out the truth about someone or something else. As a creative writing minor, I hide behind vague fragmentary poetry and fictional characters I made up inside my head.

Maybe that why this project is daunting to me. This is the first time I have tried writing about me in a form that I know someone else will actually read. I am attempting to be honest and say “this is what I have struggled with” “This is what happened to me.”

I worry that no matter how much I edit my story it will not say exactly what I want it to say. I worry that I might make others look bad in my story, so I cannot put everything that actually happened in it.

The funny thing about stories is, they don’t end on the last page any more than they began on the first. Its true, I was worried about the shape of stories to come. Including, what will happen after I publish this book? What will people think? Will it seem as if I am just trying to complain about what others have done? Will it make me look mean, or weak, or whiny?

The funny thing about writing a story about your life is that it makes you think about the type of story you are telling the world. The best stories are within with our lives, not our pins. And they are not always neat and pretty.

I hope that, somehow, I will find the words to tell the story that needs to be told.