We Aren’t Crazy

“Are you a graduating senior?” My email from Brad asks.

I’m not. I’m a sophomore.

“Why are you not doing Invictus?”

It took me a while to answer that question. Why wasn’t I? I couldn’t figure out a reason to say no. After conversing with Brad, I agreed to take on this beautiful, amazing journey.

At our meeting at The Cup Tuesday morning, it became my turn to speak. Brad turned to me and said if I wasn’t prepared to tell my story I could pass, since it was my first meeting. How could I pass? The 7 women, who’d for the most part I’d never spoke to before, in front of me just poured their hearts and tears out. And now it was my turn.

There weren’t any concerns about these women or Brad judging me. I felt at home. I felt comfortable. I didn’t even know these women. Why was I telling them my life story? And crying in front of them?

“Writing groups are important for lots of reasons, one of which is to remind us that we aren’t crazy.” Brad was right.

And we aren’t crazy. Sometimes we may do crazy things, like joining The Invictus Writers. But we aren’t crazy.

This is the next step in my life. Am I ready? Absolutely.