What Comfort Zone?

There was a time in my life where I loathed uncomfortable situations. I tiptoed around conflicts, complained about certain circumstances and stuck to what I knew — you know what they say, the tried and true.

Today, though I don’t go looking for them, I’m learning to instead embrace uncomfortable moments. I’ve found that journeys are more exciting when you take the road less traveled, go out on a limb and step out of your comfort zone.

Take, for example, this class, Invictus. Each of us is being pushed to write like never before, and we are being challenged with an uncomfortable mission: to write a memoir. And not just any memoir. This is a memoir that will be submitted to a national competition.

Suddenly I’m longing for my comfort zone, a safe place. The thought of going up against some of the nation’s best writers makes my insides twist and contort in ways like never before. It’s not that I have a problem with telling my story. (Maybe I can credit this to blogging?) I just worry that I might not tell it right.

What if I miss the point? The little voice inside me says.

Despite this fear, I will push on. If I didn’t, not only would I fail myself as a writer, but I would fail myself as a human being, because I’d be missing out on a true adventure.

As I mentioned earlier, our lives, our stories, our journeys — they are what we make of them. We choose whether our story is ordinary or enticing. There’s no cookie cutter way of doing things; the future is up to us.

If all anyone did was stay inside their own little comfort-world bubble, let’s face it, our stories would be boring.

In my Invictus piece, I hope to show the world what it means to live life freely, and that you can go your own way.

-Lauren Hardy