What Writing Looks Like: Home Den Addition

2013-06-12 15.33.28People have this romantic notion of what it must be like to be a writer. More often than not, it looks like this. Of note:

  • the giant coffee mug,
  • the beard,
  • the sleeveless undershirt
  • the clipboard,
  • and the look of utter disdain at having a creative palette that consists of the worst tools known to man, “words.”

And since you have smooth hands and no farmer’s tan, few people suspect that after 9 hours of doing this you are so tired that the idea of speaking to another human being is beyond comprehension.


On days like this, Bec King has to make sure that I put my clothes on right-side out when we leave the house. I lose all perspective on the real world when I spend my day submerged in a world of words.

I can’t tell you how many times we have been at CrossFit or out to dinner before she’s realized that my shirt was on inside-out or backwards. (I’ve even gone out with my shorts on inside-out on two occasions.)

I wish I was lying.