Why You Can’t Settle

“You need to write this better.” — A note from Brad’s final edits for my memoir.

At first read, I rolled my eyes and thought to myself, Write better? Oh c’mon, it’s good enough! Moments later, conviction settled in. Deep down I knew that section wasn’t my best writing, and yet, part of me was OK with just giving up on it. However, I also knew that it would be an injustice not to go back and revisit it; not just to myself but to the readers.

We miss the point if we fail to put the right amount of effort into our work.

Growing up, as a 10-year competitive swimmer, I never stepped up on the block without being ready to give my 110 percent. Writing should be no different. As writers and editors, we should come to the keyboard or paper with an attentive mind and determined hands, ready to give the words our everything.

To settle for anything less is to compromise the misson: to tell the best story that you possibly can.

So don’t settle; keep writing.