You will never walk alone

So I can’t begin without telling you how pleased and excited I am to have this opportunity and be at this point. Overjoyed really, is the word. As in, from the moment I heard about Invictus, I wanted in. I wanted that life, which meant none of us are alone when we do battle with our stories and the foes we thought we’d laid to rest years ago. That’s the life I want.

It took me years to learn that when creating something that wasn’t there before, it doesn’t work to go alone. I’m really relishing the company of my new dear friends, and I’m pretty sure we’re all going places we’ve never been to before.

But time’s a-wasting.  Time does that, you know. The snow hasn’t yet melted from the storm that started this semester and yet here is mid-term in all its frantic glory. How about that? That’s how years go. That’s how lives go, in blurry montages of bright colors and fragrances we call memories.

Speaking of memories, let me tell you about Tuesday. I got the email to come in as a bit of a shock, but like Batman himself, I saw the signal and I picked up the phone.

“Hi there! I can’t make it to work today! See you tomorrow!”

And with that I was free. I suited up and made the long walk to The Cup, ordered a mocha and a bagel with spicy cream cheese, and sat down.

Then, prompted by Brad, we started making ourselves cry with the old stories of what changed us, that most of us had never even said out loud. I know I was hiding tears the whole time. I blamed the cream cheese then, but it was the intensity of emotion that was making me weep.

That meeting blew my mind. I walked around like I was in a dream for the rest of the day, or, really the week.

I’m so glad I met these people. They are my people. Whatever happens for the rest of college, or indeed the rest of forever, I want to remember this gladness.

On my way out of there, I slipped on the ice and fell hard. Pride wounded and knee really quite hurt, I scrambled to my feet. But before I was even halfway up a choir of friends was asking me if I was okay. In my life, that hasn’t happened often.

But that’s what it means. It’s dangerous to go alone, but we don’t have to.