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The Geeky Press Fan Fiction Reading Series, Vol. 1

You write fan fiction. We want to give you an audience. Submit your work for our Oct. 28 reading!

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From the Blog

Episode 21: Shannon McLeod

Shannon McLeod is a soft-spoken writer from Michigan who writers stories where characters almost, but not quite. Brad talked with her about why sometimes stories really aren't about anything.

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New Geeky Press Partner: Elise Lockwood

The Geeky Press has grown to four strong. We're thrilled to announce Elise Lockwood has joined our collective. She's an accomplished playwright and actress. And she's bring some culture to our Merry Band.

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Bad Jobs & Bullshit (My Unpublished Essay)

This essay is part of the Bad Jobs & Bullshit: It's Unlikely That We Will Be Missed, Vol. 1 book release and reading party on Wednesday, Sept. 14. While this essay isn't part of the book, it would have been my contribution (if we'd added our own work).

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The Bad Jobs & Bullshit Book Release & Reading

Vouched Books Indy and The Geeky Press hosted a book release party for its anthology series, Bad Jobs & Bullshit.

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Episode 20: Kelli Allen

Brad caught up with author Kelli Allen before her Etchings Fest workshop in Indianapolis. She talked about her eclectic journey through the world, and how that has shaped her writing.

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Faith, Fully: Tiffany Rogers (Prompt #1)

Faith, Fully is a collaborative, letter-writing project. Each month participants receive a prompt about their personal faith (or lack of), and then write a letter to Brad King @The Geeky Press.

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