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The Downtown Writers Jam: Storytellers

The Geeky Press is looking for local writers with something to say. Published or unpublished, our reading series explores the stories that led our writers to put their tales on the page.

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Richard Garriott de Cayeux

Creator, Ultima franchise

"Dungeons & Dreamers tells the epic story of the rise of the games industry from its geeky roots to its mass market dominance."

Warren Spector

Creator, Deus Ex

"Most people think social gaming started with MySpace and Facebook. Dungeons & Dreamers puts the lie to that myth. I lived through the history the authors recount - in fact I was lucky enough to have played a small part in that history. Yet I learned something new on every page of Dungeons & Dreamers."

Anthony Savini

director, Dungeons & Dragons: A Documentary

"You wouldn’t expect the first chapter of a computer game history book to be about a pen and paper game, but once Dungeons & Dreamers points out the connection between D&D and it’s hard not to see everywhere."

From the Blog

New Geeky Press Partner: Nicole Mathew

The Geeky Press is happy to announce its third partner, Nicole Mathew. She's taking over the #WritersHack events, which means you'll be seeing a lot more of her out and about.

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Review: The Glass Castle

This isn't to say the story wasn't interesting. The sheer nature of the disregard and disrepair in Walls' childhood compelled me to turn the page. But the writing felt as though it worked against the story.

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Review: Fiction Unboxed

This isn't a how-to book. Like much of Sean Platt and Johnny B. Truant's non-fiction, it's more of a peek behind the curtain.

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