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    All Good Things...

    After four years, The Geeky Press is closing shop. Kind of.

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Dear America: Reflections on Race is now available!

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All good things…

I’m sad to write that—after much internal deliberation and conversation with the partners—The Geeky Press experiment has come to an end.

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Circle City New Play Fest

Circle City New Play Fest brings national and local playwrights to Indy for the development of new work. With four staged readings over one weekend, Circle City New Play Fest invites audiences to be part of the process of taking these plays to the next level.

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Scripted: Only You... and You... and You by Lou Harry

For the March edition of Scripted, we will hear Only You... and You... and You by Lou Harry. This play examines the grey areas between love and sex, what it means to be satisfied or in love and what kind of people we can find that with.

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Scripted: The Solidarity by Casey Ross

The Solidarity by Casey Ross is the play featured at this month's Scripted. A story about struggling to move forward, about feeling stuck. And coffee. Also maybe superheroes? Join us Sunday, February 12th.

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Scripted: Black Maria by Bennett Ayres

To start off the new year, the January edition of Scripted will feature Black Maria by Bennett Ayres. Set in Indianapolis on July 4th, 1910, Black Maria zeroes in on a disgraced police officer's quest to prevent chaos in his city. A story about the power of fear and the blindness it causes.

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Scripted: Letters Sent by Janice Hibbard

For our December edition of Scripted, we'll hear Letters Sent by Janice Hibbard. Claire sent a lot of letters - some loving, some toxic. She never thought she'd be around to see the consequences, but now she is. A empathetic, but never sappy, portrait of a woman struggling to figure out what to do next.

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Scripted: J. Eyre by Paige Scott

For our first Scripted on November 13th, we'll hear Act One of J. Eyre by Paige Scott. This musical adaptation of Jane Eyre is a reimagining of the story that is passionate, funny, and packed full of surprises.

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Scripted: Between the Page and the Stage

Scripted is a new monthly reading series from The Geeky Press, starting November 2016. New works written by local playwrights and read by local actors. Hosted by Elise @The Geeky Press.

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Dear America: Reflections on Race, a Call for Submissions

The Geeky Press is thrilled to announce our second publishing project, Dear America: Reflections on Race, an anthology that tackles one of the most important issues facing our country.

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