• Call for Submissions

    Dear America: Reflections on Race

    We're collecting personal stories and perspectives from writers of all genres as we delve into one of the most important topics of the day. Throughout the next year, we'll bring these voices to you in a variety of medium. And next year, we'll publish the most interesting and provocative stories in a book.

    Call for Submissions
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    Scripted: Between the page and the stage

    Sunday, December 11. The Geeky Press presents "Letters Sent," by Janice Hibbard.

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  • Call for Submissions

    Hoosier Lit

    The Geeky Press is proud to announce its twice-a-year Literary Magazine celebrating Indiana writers and stories.

    Call for Submissions
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    The Geeky Press One-day Writers Retreat

    Twenty writers will gather at Launch Fishers on Saturday, Dec. 10 for a focused day of writing. Tickets are $10. Space is limited.

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    Bad Jobs & Bullshit, Vol 1: Available Now

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Dear America: Reflections on Race

We're collecting personal stories and perspectives from writers of all genres as we delve into one of the most important topics of the day.

Call for Submissions


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Scripted: Black Maria by Bennett Ayres

To start off the new year, the January edition of Scripted will feature Black Maria by Bennett Ayres. Set in Indianapolis on July 4th, 1910, Black Maria zeroes in on a disgraced police officer's quest to prevent chaos in his city. A story about the power of fear and the blindness it causes.

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Episode 25: Celestine Bloomfield

In this first post-election episode, Storyteller Celestine Bloomfield stopped by to talk about her career as a storyteller, and how she used those skills in the business world. But she is not about to get hemmed in by the shifting political winds.

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Scripted: Letters Sent by Janice Hibbard

For our December edition of Scripted, we'll hear Letters Sent by Janice Hibbard. Claire sent a lot of letters - some loving, some toxic. She never thought she'd be around to see the consequences, but now she is. A empathetic, but never sappy, portrait of a woman struggling to figure out what to do next.

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Review: Mother Night

Mother Night by Kurt Vonnegut My rating: 5 of 5 stars I’ve never been a huge Vonnegut fan, but several... Read more »

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Review: Hillbilly Elegy: A Memoir of a Family and Culture in Crisis

For the last decade, Appalachian artists have worked to take back their stories from a world that seemed more than happy to let the stereotypical tropes of the region drive our national discourse about the area, and its people.

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Scripted: J. Eyre by Paige Scott

For our first Scripted on November 13th, we'll hear Act One of J. Eyre by Paige Scott. This musical adaptation of Jane Eyre is a reimagining of the story that is passionate, funny, and packed full of surprises.

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