A #WritersHack at MoJoe Coffee House .

Seven folks at the #WritersHack at MoJoe Coffee House .

The biggest impediment to writing: making time. Need motivation? The Downtown Writers Hack (#WritersHack) is a group of Indianapolis writers who gather in local coffee shops and eateries for short bursts of awesomeness.

Our gatherings are sometimes as small as two people and sometimes as large as ten. We usually do some quick introductions, and then start writing. We keep talking to a minimum until there’s about 10 or 15 minutes left. Then all bets are off.

Here’s what is important for you to know: There are no requirements for attending. We aren’t just looking for professionals (although some of us are). We aren’t looking for people who can help us get published (although some of us might). This is just a group of people who want to carve out time to write without justifying why. This is a group of people who want to commune with other writers over words, coffee, beer, or food.

So come join us. Brad, Amber, or Nicole will be at the events to say hello. We also have a friend of The Geeky Press, Reid, who hosts from time to time. We’ll be the folks eating food with our computers out looking serious-ish. We’re just a good group of people who want to encourage you to write. Please RSVP to any #WritersHack you’re planning to attend via our Meetup page (links for each event, as well as our main group, are listed below).

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March 2018: